Friday, October 31, 2014

My baby is 1!!!

Last month my baby boy turned 1 year old!! I cannot believe how fast that year went, but oh what a joy he is to our family. We love him to pieces. And seeing as though he is #4, we just had a small family party for him at home. It was nice and relaxed, just what I needed. I made him his smash cake- it turned out much bigger than I wanted but it was the smallest circle pan I had to use. We let him go for it for about 5 minutes then took it away- he LOVED the cake! (and didn't go to sleep till close to 11 that night!)

Fall Colors 2014

Oh my. It has been a while since I posted on is hard to find time to blog. Hopefully I can fit it in here and there. Earlier this month we went and saw the Aspen's peaking and enjoyed our beautiful Colorado colors. This year we went with our friends and we had a blast. It made the 3 mile hike seem so much faster. The kids were real troopers and did great and had a blast as well. As we were finishing up some dark clouds were looming and sure enough as soon as we shut the doors to the cars the sky broke loose. Whew. Afterwards we went to Fargo's for some pizza and more fun friend time. It was a really good day. Enjoy our pictures!