Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Apple Farm 2014

Jeff's parents came to visit this past weekend and we decided to go visit the Happy Apple Farm while they were here and do some apple picking. The weather ended up being nicer than expected and we all had a great time. Hopefully I will get some applesauce canned this week! It was Henry's first trip to the Apple Farm and he had loads of fun. He loved holding the apples and sucking the juice out after I took a bite- he only has one tooth so can't bite into it himself. Enjoy the pictures.

Henry and his Grandmother (Jeff's mom)

He had an apple in his hand pretty much from here until we were half way home.

Henry with Grandad

Just chillin with his apple.

Me and my sweet boy.


They were so exciting to play with.

I love this picture!

They all had a blast.

Henry found one his size.

Everyone grew!

The hayless hay ride.

My love.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hot Air Balloons!!...or not??

Over Labor Day weekend Colorado Springs puts on the Balloon Classic hot air balloon show, but this year was the last year it will be here. We are hoping it will come back some day but for now it won't be. We decided to go with our church family this year to the balloon glow (it's at night and they just blow up the balloons and turn on the fire so they glow) and boy was it fun! It was awesome taking up a big chunk of grass and socializing with everyone. The wind had picked up and we weren't sure if the balloons would be able to inflate. A couple tried too but it was just too windy. So in the end most of them just lit their fire at the same time for fun. It wasn't nearly as pretty as the balloons but the kids liked it. Henry thought it was AMAZING!

The gang!

Silly kiddos.

Pretty Sadie

Jen and two of her boys

The Brewster Family

Two of my boys

Monica and her boy

Pastor Barry and Miss Bethanne

Paula and her boy

Pretty Hallie

My silly big boy

These kiddos are great friends

The Canidy family

My babies


Balloons tried to inflate.

Watching the fire.

Just pretend there are pretty balloons over all of those flames!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jeff is 40....gasp!!!!

My husband celebrated a big birthday this weekend. He turned the big 4-0! He is such an amazing husband and father. He is my rock; he takes care of us so good and is always there when I need him..even if it's at 3 o'clock in the morning! I had some personal health issues this summer and he stepped up and showed me a side of himself that I knew he had but I had never seen. He is so good to me and I love him so much. With that said; I threw him a birthday party on Saturday night! We invited a house full and had a nice BBQ and hang out party. It was so great to have so many of our friends come to celebrate him. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! Everyone seemed to have a blast, but they didn't eat enough because I have a fridge full of food!!! With the help of my mom we were able to turn out a pretty fun party. On Sunday (his actual birthday) we went to church and then stayed home and relaxed and enjoyed a small family celebration for his and my birthday (yes, we have the same birthday- I just wasn't turning as old as him!) Enjoy the pictures from our fun weekend!!

The birthday boy!

The girls and their BFF's

Ms. Arabella...I want to keep her!!!

Anastasia filling up her plate!!

Travis and Regina.

Nate and his youngest, Miss Ruthie.

Colby playing football.

Kids with imaginations having tons of fun!!

The trampoline is always THE place to be!

Hallie with her little buddy.

Nothing says party time like a game of corn hole!

The ladies.

Great babysitters!

My man and I!!

More corn hole..

There may have been some cheating going on!

The cake is just about on fire!

This picture makes it look like only children were at the party!

Hallie is blowing too!

The next day we opened some presents.

My sweet little cranky teething baby.


New clothes.

My apron!!! I want a pink girly apron!! (Notice my new to me adorable boots that were also a birthday gift)


Henry got him some beef jerky.

The kids think he should wear this under his work shirt, then when he gets home rip off his work shirt to show this one.

Sadie was soooo excited for Jeff to open the gift she picked out.

It's a green lantern shirt (ya I didn't know either)

A comfy stool for him to sit on in his classroom!

My love.