Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Halloween 2015

This Halloween we did some pumpkin carving in the morning, spent some time at Urgent care with my husband after he sliced his finger open while carving pumpkins, then we went to our friends house and did a little neighborhood party in their front yard. We BBQ'd hot dogs for whoever wanted them when they came by trick or treating, we also offered hot chocolate, hot cider, and roasting marshmallows. And a few drive way games (which mostly our kids played). We had such a great response from everyone that came by; we were so happy we were able to reach out to the neighborhood like that. In between hanging out at their house we took the kids trick or treating and they had a blast.

Getting all the goo out!

Trying to participate.

The boys!! Little Brother had a batman costume but wouldn't wear it, so we dressed him up in his football clothes and he was happy about that.

Harry Potter


Pirate Princess

My cute kiddos.


Playing a game.

He loved trick or treating.

He was proud of his basket.

The whole gang eating some hot dogs.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pikes Peak field trip

A couple weeks ago Little sister's homeschool enrichment class took a field trip up to the top of Pikes Peak. We have lived here for 12 years now and none of us have ever been up there. Our youngest son cannot go up to the top because of his CHD, so we won't be able to all go up at any point. AND it costs an arm and a leg to ride the Cog Railway for our family. So...Little sister was happy to be able to go with her class. Her daddy took the day off work and was able to escort her up there and they had a blast. It was fun seeing all the pictures they took to get a little bit of the experience too. Hope you enjoy!

On the way up!

Her whole class.
At the top!!

Her and her daddy.

Her and her friend from school.

In front of the America the beautiful song.

It was so windy!!!!

Heading down!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Little Brother is 2!!!

My sweet little baby boy is two years old now!! I cannot even believe it. That was the fastest two years ever. He LOVES Bronco's football, so we threw him a Broncos football party!!  Complete with Bronco's colored cake pops (this boy LOVES cake pops) We invited his little friends over to help him celebrate and we sure had fun. All the parents got to enjoy snacks and a Bronco's game on TV. On his actual birthday the following day we had fun celebrating him and letting him open the rest of his presents. It was a very nice relaxing day. (Too bad that night started the stomach bug that wouldn't end-stomach bugs in large families suck!!)

Playing some games with friends.

Baby N wanted to play!

Baby G too!!

Best picture I could get, he was very shy with everyone singing.

Blowing out the candles!

His cake pop!

Present time!

Books from Baby G!

A remote control train from The B's!

Everyone watching.

His fun steering wheel toy from Mommy & Daddy!

Batman legos from Grammy & Papa

A new cell phone from S & A

Airplane toys from his friend X!!

Eating a cupcake on his birthday.

And then Pizza for dinner.

Legos from Mommy & Daddy

Minion Jammies!

Another Batman lego set from Grandmother & Grandad

A Car's remote control car.

And a batman jacket!!!