Sunday, February 15, 2015

Our Valentines Day

We spent our day with the kids, it was nice and relaxing but fun. We took them over to our church's new playground to play for a while and took a walk around the new track they are putting in. After that, we picked up a couple of heart shaped pizzas to have for dinner. When we got home we all exchanged Valentines with each other and then enjoyed dinner. After dinner we watched a new movie the kids got as one of their Valentine gifts from Grammy. It was called, "Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day". They absolutely loved it; so I am sure we will be watching it again very soon. Overall it was a good day. Jeff and I were supposed to go out for the evening, but plans changed when the babysitter has been sick; so we will go out another time.

He LOVED this climbing toy...hint hint grandparents...

He got some dirt on his finger and was showing us.

Must have snacks on a walk.

Of course he is a kid who climbs up the slide and disobeys...

They got clothes and a box of candy..

He LOVED his new cars.

My heart is bursting with love for these four...

Hallie is 9 years old!!

We celebrated Hallie's actual birthday last Wednesday. She chose bacon, eggs, and toast for her birthday breakfast and boy was it yummy. Grammy dropped off her gifts in the afternoon since she was sick and couldn't stay for the little party we were having. So Hallie opened her gifts from Grammy and Papa real quick before dinner. After dinner she opened her present from us and then we had some cake. It was a very low key day but oh so fun!! I cannot believe my sweet girl is one year away from double digits. These kids are growing up way too quick for me and I am soooo not ready for the teen years that are quickly approaching. Here are some pictures from her fun day, enjoy.

So grown up...

More clothes for her dolls.

A pretty birthstone necklace.

Grammy knows what this girl likes.

Counting all her cash...

She had waited all day to open this one!!

So exciting..

She had it all together by the next afternoon.

She helped me make her cake and some cupcakes.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthday golfing in the dark...

Hallie is turning 9 this Wednesday!!! Since it's birthday party year she decided she wanted to have her party at Glow Golf in our mall. We decided to have the party the weekend before her birthday since the weekend after is Valentines weekend. What fun we had!! So many of her friends from school, church and old friends were able to join us and make her day very special. She wanted a Lego friends party, so we did the best we could to integrate that into glow golf. The boys and girls split up to golf; the girls followed no golfing rules whatsoever, but the boys the girls did both courses in the same amount of time as the boys did one course. They all had a blast though!

Learning the rules.

Can't believe she is growing up so fast.

They were everywhere!!

Brother!!! I need the glow necklace!!

Yep, spoiled rotten!

Thank you to Jen for making her adorable cake!!

The girls table.

The boy's table.

Present time!

The whole gang.

She joined in on singing Happy Birthday!