Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colby is 11!!

Last week my oldest turned 11. It didn't sting as much as when he turned 10, but I have a feeling in a couple years its gonna hurt much worse. On his birthday he wanted donuts for breakfast. Henry had picked them out at the store the night before. They are Henry's favorites and of course Colby was fine with them. Later in the day after my husband got home from work and Grammy came over, he opened his presents and we had dinner and some cookies (his request instead of cake). He begged to open a gift before dinner, so we told him he could (he knew which one he wanted to open because he had asked for it, but he needed to choose the right one). Unfortunately he chose wrong the first time but got it right when we gave him another chance. He has been doing lots of extra chores and extra school work to earn "screen time" to play his new games. On Saturday we had a party at the bowling alley to celebrate with his friends. They all seemed to have a great time and Colby had a great day getting to spend time with them.


"Brother, aren't these the best donuts ever??"

Cutest bed headed boy ever!

He thought this was the one he wanted to open first...

Oh man!! Not it!

But, it was a that was very exciting.

Thanks Grammy & Papa!

Let's try this one..

Yep, that's it!

Thanks Grammy & Papa!!

Having a big brother is AWESOME!

Big boy!

Oh dear...


Lots of new games.

What a handsome young man.

The whole gang.

Let the games begin!

These boys were very into their bowling game.

Hot dog time!

They were huge hot dogs.

Henry loved bowling!

And he loved cupcakes!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a pretty low key Easter weekend since we had just gotten home. We didn't even dye eggs this year. Sadie asked me on Monday if we were still going to do them, but I told her we will do it next year. On Saturday we went to an egg hunt at the fire station but got there a couple minutes late and missed the whole thing. The kids weren't too disappointed since the eggs had just been dropped on the ground and there was really nothing to hunt. They had fun checking out the fire engines and seeing the Easter Bunny though. On Sunday we went to church and that was fun, then had lunch at our house with Grammy and an egg hunt in the backyard. Henry wanted nothing to do with putting eggs in his basket..he would put a couple in and then fling his basket across the yard. (In his defense it was well past nap time) The big kids had fun trying to find all the hard to find eggs..I think we are still missing one that might be found later. Enjoy the pictures.

Sad kids with empty baskets.

The gang

Colby held Henry so he wouldn't be scared of the Easter Bunny.

Saying Cheese with his candy.

Look at my stop sign mommy!!

My loves.

He stood as far away as he could from the egg hunt.