Friday, June 26, 2015

Missouri Visit

After leaving Kansas we traveled over to Kansas City, Missouri to visit with my husbands family. The day we were arriving was his mom's birthday and we decided to surprise her at Cracker Barrel that night. She was very surprised and we had a very nice visit. We got to spend some time with Jeff's brother Patrick and his family as well. And his brother Patrick just so happens to be an excellent mechanic and was able to get our car fixed before we headed home; he is also a super BBQ guy and cooked us a tasty meal the night before we left. Colby just loves his ribs; I do as well!!
Here are some pictures from our trip.
Pool Time!!

Grandad soaking up some rays.

Hallie helping her cousin Tyler swim.

Me and my baby boy!
Both my boys!

Miss Maddy.

All the girls.
All the boys.

Everyone getting some dessert.

Mr. Tyler

My crazy children

Fun at the park

He is a climber

Talking to Henry

Talking to daddy

Driving around the neighborhood.

All the cousins.

The whole clan.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Road Trip to Kansas

We hadn't planned much in the way of a summer vacation but when the opportunity arose to go to Kansas to see my family along with a trip to Missouri to see Jeff's family, we took it. Even though my husband is back in school working on a second Master's degree we decided he could probably do work while on our trip. (He kinda was able to but is still playing catch up unfortunately) The first leg of our trip was to visit Kansas where my Aunt and Uncle live along with my oldest cousin and his family. My grandma is staying with them this summer as well, so we got to see a bunch of people! I hadn't seen my cousin and his family in probably 5 years so it was really nice to visit with them some. Our kids and their kids had a blast together. They used to see each other often as babies & toddlers but obviously hadn't been around each other in a while. That didn't matter one bit cause boy did those kids have fun and oh how sad they were to have to leave. We will definitely have to be going back to visit in the future. We did have some car problems on our way there (we always seem to have car problems..its annoying) but we survived and had help from our wonderful family..and got the car fixed before heading home. Here are some pictures of our trip to Kansas!!

Everyone is ready!

These two were funny together, they are the same age so had a lot of fun.

Lots of water balloon fun was had!

Henry wished he could have joined in.

All 7 together.

A silly picture.

We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday while we were there.

Lot's of dancing fun with the Xbox kinect.

It was so funny to watch them.

My grandma with her 7 great-grandchildren.

Henry wearing his Uncle Ken's hat.

While driving through Kansas we had to take a picture of the water tower in Colby, Kansas.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colby is 11!!

Last week my oldest turned 11. It didn't sting as much as when he turned 10, but I have a feeling in a couple years its gonna hurt much worse. On his birthday he wanted donuts for breakfast. Henry had picked them out at the store the night before. They are Henry's favorites and of course Colby was fine with them. Later in the day after my husband got home from work and Grammy came over, he opened his presents and we had dinner and some cookies (his request instead of cake). He begged to open a gift before dinner, so we told him he could (he knew which one he wanted to open because he had asked for it, but he needed to choose the right one). Unfortunately he chose wrong the first time but got it right when we gave him another chance. He has been doing lots of extra chores and extra school work to earn "screen time" to play his new games. On Saturday we had a party at the bowling alley to celebrate with his friends. They all seemed to have a great time and Colby had a great day getting to spend time with them.


"Brother, aren't these the best donuts ever??"

Cutest bed headed boy ever!

He thought this was the one he wanted to open first...

Oh man!! Not it!

But, it was a that was very exciting.

Thanks Grammy & Papa!

Let's try this one..

Yep, that's it!

Thanks Grammy & Papa!!

Having a big brother is AWESOME!

Big boy!

Oh dear...


Lots of new games.

What a handsome young man.

The whole gang.

Let the games begin!

These boys were very into their bowling game.

Hot dog time!

They were huge hot dogs.

Henry loved bowling!

And he loved cupcakes!