Thursday, July 24, 2014

A hiking we will go...

We took a hike a few days after Henry had surgery to remove the cyst in his face, which is why it is still very red looking in the pictures. My husband was trying to find a spot to take our oldest son backpacking so wanted to check out a place, it ended up they cannot camp overnight in that area so we were glad we checked it out. Everyone had a fun day playing in the creek and hiking up the 7 bridges, we only made it to 3 though before everyone was super tired and we needed to head back. It was a very hot day.

Camping fun!

At the beginning of the summer we took a camping trip up to the mountains. We borrowed a friends pop of camper, and it was a lot of fun. We did learn however that if we were to purchase our own pop up camper we would need a bigger one!! The first night we were there it snowed!! It was nuts, but we were happy we were not in a tent! Other than that we all had a great time.

Trying not to burn themselves.

My babies and me.


Good morning girls.

Good morning boys.

Taking a break to say hi to baby brother.

Pitifulness. (not a word I know, but it was pitiful)

Hungry hiker.

Curious hiker.

Stylish hiker.



My loves.